Top places to visit in downtown Vegas

When some people think of Vegas, they imagine walking the strip in Vegas or lying by the pool. However there are a range of activities and places to visit when in downtown Las Vegas for you to enjoy. Some of the places to see while here are:

The Mob Museum

The museum is situated in downtown Las Vegas where you can explore a dark but interesting side of Las Vegas. The museum used to be an old federal courthouse and post office and provides you with the history of the mob and the role it played to create the history of Vegas.

Neon Museum

Here at the Neon museum you get a unique view on the history of Vegas and you can look at the old signs of the hotels that was there before the time of the Strip. A tour here is amazing at night time as you will see the signs as they would have looked back in the good old days.

First Friday

Artists from all over the valley come to downtown Las Vegas on the first Friday of every month to display their art work, there are food trucks and live music on the day. This is an excellent opportunity to look at the local art scene while exploring the downtown area of Las Vegas.

Natural History Museum

The Museum is a short drive from downtown La Vegas. Here you can learn about the history, geology and biology of Vegas. This is fun and educational experience way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Bellagio Fountains

I’m sure you have seen these fountains in the movies. Well if you visit downtown Las Vegas you can visit these choreographed fountains that are synchronised to music for real. They display is on every 15-30 minutes and also make sure to pop inside the Bellagio hotel to see the Conservatory change to different seasons.

High Roller

This stands out on the Las Vegas strip. The high roller wheel is 550 feet tall and is taller than the London Eye. On the wheel you will see an incredible and amazing view of Las Vegas and the ride lasts for 30 minutes.

Fremont Street

The most famous sights in the world are the lights of the Strip in Vegas but the Fremont Street Experience takes these lights to a whole new level. The canopy of lights that cover downtown Vegas provide an amazing experience of sound, light and colour. You can walk this street to experience the visuals from the ground or you can also ride the Slotzilla zipline for a beautiful view of the show.

Discovery Children’s Museum

This museum was created to help the educational experience of children that were living in southern Nevada. It’s an interactive museum that features history, arts and programs in science. It makes these topics fun and easy for children to understand.

Ethel M Chocolates

A boutique chocolate shop; where you can visit the botanical cactus garden outside of it. The garden has over 300 different desert plants and you can have a chocolate factory tour here also. You will love that one!