3 World Class Restaurants in Vegas

Visitors who come to Las Vegas have a huge number of restaurants to choose from. Vegas has every sort of cuisine available including celebrity chef restaurants. Those who wish to dine have a choice of casual dining or five-star restaurants.

As there are dozens of fine class restaurants in Las Vegas, we have narrowed it down to three of the most popular, which we highly recommend you visit.

These fine restaurants are all located on the Las Vegas Strip, which all have consistently good food, outstanding service and a great atmosphere. If you are not afraid to spend money on good food and you are looking for the most popular restaurants, these are the ones you must visit.

Trust me you won’t go wrong!

Stratosphere (Top of the World)

This fine restaurant is the only one on the strip where you can dine while enjoying the 360 degree view of Las Vegas. It has angled floors and ceiling windows, fabulous while enjoying a nice meal.

The restaurant is over 800 feet above the strip in Las Vegas, which rotates throughout your meal, this is an amazing experience. One you will never forget. Here you will get first-class service with a menu that offers a variety of meat, steaks, fowl and sea-food dishes. You also have the choice of Gluten free selections and Vegan dishes.

This restaurant also offers a four – course tasting menu and wine tasting. For all you wine lovers, this restaurant provides the finest of wines.

Caesars Palace (Bacchanal Buffet)

While in Vegas you must try a buffet style restaurant. If you are looking for a unique buffet that provides high quality food dishes, you must try this fine restaurant situated at Caesars Palace. It has more than five hundred different dishes on offer which are made daily from more than eight hundred recipes.

The restaurant is divided into nine different kitchen stations including Japanese, American, pizza, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, seafood and deli. The deli includes soups, selection of cheeses and deserts.

This will suit those with different tastes while trying different foods on the menu. You cannot go wrong with buffet style food as there is surely something for everybody to eat on the menu. 

Paris Las Vegas (Gordon Ramsay Steak)

If it’s a fine steak that you are looking for then you have to try celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. It is definitely a must if you are hungry while on the strip in Las Vegas.

You can choose your cut of beef which is supplied from the New York famous butcher Pat La Frieda. The rib eye is delicious and hearty with a good crust.

A must try at this restaurant is the tender Kobe beef which is absolutely delicious and would melt in your mouth. Beef wellington is another signature dish from Gordon and is very popular, served with potatoes and glazed vegetables.

The restaurant provides a London based atmosphere with a unique Euro-tunnel like entry and a union jack flag painted across the ceiling.


We want to help our customers enjoy our beautiful city and, as locals, we love to offer insider tips on our favorite places to visit in Las Vegas.

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