The Valley of Fire

If you are looking for adventure away from the bright lights of the Stip and Downtown LV, you must visit the Valley of Fire with its amazing sites and views you will not be disappointed!

The park is located in the Mojave Desert fifty miles northeast of Vegas.

It is made up around 42,000 acres of desert terrain and gets 3000,000 visitors to the park every year. It is the oldest state historic park in Nevada.

It was named the Valley of Fire because of its red sandstones that were created from sand dunes during the dinosaur age over one hundred and fifty million years ago.

The amazing sandstone formations can seem to be on fire when the sun’s rays are beaming down on them. This is where the name ‘Valley of Fire’ originated from. Limestone is another significant rock that forms here.

The main road through the park is Valley of Fire Road. The road is 10.5 mile long and connects the west and east entrances of the park. The ancient people of the valley were the Anasazi from the Moapa Valley close by. They visited the valley to hunt, gather food and for religious celebrations.

The petroglyphs are some of the examples of rocks that can be found in different locations in the valley.

Fire Plants and Flowers in the Valley

The Valley of fire is covered by different kinds of beautiful bush. The park looks amazing in the spring blooming with desert marigolds and indigo bush.


The valley has lots of wildlife but most of the animals that live here are nocturnal. Some animals that can be found in the valley are snakes, lizards, skunk, coyotes and lots more. Big horn sheep can also live here, it’s always nice to see these and sometimes you can see them in the middle of the day.


Winter in the Valley of Fire can be quite mild with temperatures from freezing up to 75 degrees. The temperature can range up to 100 degrees daily in the summer, which is quite high. The annual rainfall is averaged at about four inches with some winter showers and summer thunderstorms.

Film history

The Valley of Fire is a popular place where film commercials for cars are made.

Some of the projects that have been filmed here are The Professionals starring Burt Lancaster (part of the movie set is still at White Domes) Total Recall, Star Trek (captain Kirk feel to his death here), Domino and Bear Grylls (a celebrity episode of Running wild with Bear Grylls)

Why visit the Valley of Fire

The rock formations in the valley are unique, and a real distinctive red. A lot of the petroglyphs are definitely a must see for any age.

You would never think that something as beautiful as the wilderness of the Valley could be situated so near to the Las Vegas strip. A trip to the Valley of Fire should definitely be on your list when you come to Las Vegas.

It is a memorable, enjoyable and beautiful experience, one you will never forget.


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