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Tell Tale Signs You Need To Clean Your Air Ducts

Ventilation System

HVAC systems can be considered one of the most important inventions of our time. These systems provide a proper and comfortable living condition which not only combat the hazardous conditions of the outside world but also makes living a lot more comfortable.

Although having one installed is already the first step to living comfortably in your home or office, it will take a certain amount of time before these things slow down or even worse, break down.

In order to evade this uncomfortable scenario, it is always best to have your HVAC systems maintained and cleaned.

However, it can be tricky to know as to when it’s the right time to call a service like Spotless Ducts to get the HVAC system back to speed. Luckily, HVAC systems have been around for a long time and certain tell-tale signs have been established.

1. Illness

Okay, dirty or poor air duct systems may not always be the cause of certain illnesses but if allergies or unusual symptoms begin to emerge, it may be time to have a look at your air duct systems.

Fine dust particles collect on the surfaces of air ducts. These dust particles catch flakes of dead skin, pet dander, and other stuff.

Give it an ample amount of time and your air ducts will become a conducive environment for , bacteria, and allergens.

It is wise to have your air ducts checked by a professional the minute unusual allergies are occurring with members of the household.

Not only will this help member of the household feel better, but it also makes sure that no further damages will take place.


Once you decide to take a close look at your air duct systems and notice , slime or mildew, then it is time to call the professionals.

Do know that every time you turn your HVAC system on, these microbes will blow throughout your home.

This not only imposes a threat to your health but also to your home as may grow in different areas around the house.

3. Vermin

When you see signs of rodent or insect infestation, it is advisable to first have a look at your air duct system.

If the problem has been persisting for some time and noises like flapping wings or scurrying paws are coming from the ducts, it means that further investigation is needed.

Hire professionals at this point since they will not only clean your ducts, exterminate the vermin but will also find the root cause of the infestation and fix it to avoid similar occurrences in the future.

4. Dust

Little wisps of dust coming out of the vents or an unusual sign of dust build up in your home are also big signs that you should have your HVAC system cleaned.

Once these dust signs emerge, it is wise to call the professionals right away as the effect of dust on your health can be a lot more dangerous than you think.

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