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Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

The Most Trusted Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning LV Service

We are capable of working with all kinds of dryer vent systems from the very latest releases on the market to those that have been around for years.

Don’t risk a fire: Have your residential dryer vent cleaned by professionals


Did you know that every year thousands of residential fires are caused by lack of maintenance of dryer systems?

Don’t let your home become one of these statistics. Get in touch with Spotless Ducts now and set up an appointment for our residential dryer vent cleaning service.

We’ll not only get your home dryer vent spotlessly clean, but we’ll give you some tips on how to avoid a build-up of lint in the future.

Schedule a Regular Home Dryer Vent Cleaning Appointment


The best way to ensure that your dryer is working at its optimum efficiency is to schedule a regular maintenance appointment.

We can advise on the frequency of these appointments based on the average usage of your dryer.

However, if you can’t remember the last time, if ever, your dryer vents were cleaned, the following issues could mean that your dryer vents need attention:


  • Laundry is not drying as well as usual, or the cycle is taking longer than normal
  • An unusual or musty odor on your laundry after drying
  • Laundry becomes unusually hot
  • Noticeable lint and debris behind your dryer, or near to the exhaust duct
  • Large quantities of lint in the dryer’s lint trap

Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help.

Our professional home dryer cleaning specialists are capable of cleaning even the most complex dryer vent system.

Our services are inexpensive, but extremely effective, and can prevent your dryer from becoming a future fire hazard.

If your dryer vents are dirty, clogged with lint, or damaged, the pressure from the dryer has nowhere to escape, causing an increase in the temperature of the exhaust air.

This happens within seconds, and before you know it, the lint can catch fire with disastrous results.

By thoroughly cleaning your dryer vents, we can prevent this build-up, and reduce the risk of your dryer vent catching fire.

Whenever we’re called out to clean or maintain a home dryer system, we begin our visit by carrying out a thorough inspection of the dryer.

Only then will we begin the process of removing the lint from its vents with our state-of-the-art, truck mounted, high-velocity air cleaning system.

After cleaning, we’ll then inspect your dryer again to ensure that we’ve removed as much of the lint as possible.

Once your dryer vents have been cleared of lint, you’ll notice that it will operate much more efficiently, and you should also notice a decrease in energy usage and the associated energy costs.

We also offer residential air duct cleaning if your air conditioning unit(s) need cleaning too!

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North Las Vegas

The Strip

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The Lakes

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If your air duct(s) haven't been cleaned in a long time, it’s time to set up an appointment with Spotless Ducts.

Simply call us on (702) 819-7734 or complete our online contact form (below) and we’ll arrange a suitable time.

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