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Don’t Forget to Clean your Air Conditioning Coils!

Do you service your air conditioning system regularly? Do you attempt to do it yourself, or is it something you leave to the professionals?

Living in the Las Vegas valley means that we rely on our air conditioning to keep us comfortable indoors, so ensuring that it’s working to its optimum level is vital if we want to be sure we are as comfortable as possible in our own homes.

At Spotless Ducts, we specialize in cleaning all kinds of air conditioning systems, but we don’t just limit our service to the parts of the air conditioner that are fitted indoors.

Ensuring that you clean the vents and ducts is vitally important, but making sure your system is running at an optimal level is extremely important.

In addition to our duct and dryer vent cleaning services, we offer condenser coil and evaporator coil cleaning.

Ensuring that your coils are cleaned regularly will go a long way to helping extend the life of your air conditioner.

And, by including it as part of your annual maintenance service, you’ll give your air con system the best chance of working at its optimum level.

There are two different coils in most A/C units.

The condenser coil is normally located on the outside of your home, while the evaporator coil is usually located on the inside.

The coils are essentially the engine of the entire air conditioning system, so maintaining and cleaning them is absolutely vital to making sure the air in your home is breathable.

Cleaning HVAC coils is a dirty and messy job and it’s one that requires professional knowledge.

Leave it to our experienced technicians to make sure your system is thoroughly cleaned and running like new.

Cleaning Residential HVAC Coils throughout the Las Vegas Valley


The team here at Spotless Ducts offers residential HVAC coil cleaning at a very affordable price.

It’s a service that may seem like an unnecessary expense right now but it’s one that will save you a lot of money in the long-term.

Cleaning your coils will not only make your air con more efficient, but it will provide a cooler environment for the fan motor and lower the head pressure.

In short, this means that your compressor will run cooler, which will enable it to last longer.

In addition, dirty coils can be directly attributed to air quality issues, allergy problems, and certain types of respiratory infections.

Your HVAC coils are the source of air throughout your home. Just like with any problem, to find the solution, start with the source of the problem.

You can choose to have your HVAC condenser coils cleaned as part of your duct cleaning service, although we do recommend that they are cleaned twice a year, particularly if your air con is constantly on the go.

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