Premium Shopping Outlets in Las Vegas

Vegas is not only about gambling, sightseeing and having fun, it’s also a brilliant place for shopping with lots of shops for those on a budget and different tastes. There are over twenty shopping malls in Vegas and hundreds of shops selling top brand material.

Vegas can attract very wealthy people visiting the city as most of the shops are expensive and sell top brands at unbelievable prices which tourist cannot afford as they are on budget.

But there are so many more stores on budget where tourists can find some amazing and affordable bargains.

Outlet Shopping         

Outlets are definitely the best for shopping in Vegas. There are two huge outlets that are located on the strip Outlets Premium North and South which have over 200 stores of shoes, clothing, perfumes and many more.

The South is probably the best for shopping as it has more popular shops and better bargains.

You will need a full day to shop at the outlet as they have lots of shops and will take time to look in them all. It will definitely be worthwhile for the bargains and affordable items you will purchase. So make sure to make time for shopping in Vegas when you visit.

Luxury shops

If you are not on budget and are looking to buy luxury items from famous designers then you have them all here in Vegas such as Michael Kors, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and the list goes on.

Women love to buy the sunglass, purses, clothing etc from these top expensive brands. You will find these stores in the casino resorts which are very posh malls inside. The main ones are in Caesars Palace and Wynn Encore.

Also, some of the luxurious hotels have several of these famous stores inside.

Department Stores

If you don’t intend on spending a huge amount of money but want to get good quality and cheap clothes for money; you will not have to worry as there are brilliant stores such as Macy’s etc.

These are stores in Vegas that sell clothes at incredible prices. These department stores sell branded stuff at cheaper prices.


The electronic stores in Vegas are another good reason to shop here as it has the best electronic stores in the United States. Some shops to purchase in are Apple, Target etc. You will find whatever you want her from computer, tablets, phones or any electronic device you want to purchase.


If you are going shopping in Vegas a good tip is to use discount coupons. You can get coupons for the main outlets and malls. All you have to do is print a voucher and bring it to the store where you will get a book of coupons with massive discounts of up to 50% for many of the popular shops. These coupons are definitely worth checking out for huge savings while shopping in Las Vegas.

Important Tips

If going shopping in Vegas a good tip is to bring a large trolley bag or backpack because within a few hours of shopping your hands will be full of plastic bags making it uneasy to carry them for the day.

This is a more practical solution as you can keep everything inside them meaning less stress and more purchasing! And remember…shopping is just one of the many reasons why everyone should visit Las Vegas.


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