Widespread access to fast internet services – combined with the global social media boom – has meant that people are spending a lot more time indoors. Online jobs and personal business trends also have a lot of people working from home.

Where in the past our professions and social needs forced us to leave the house, modern technology and free pizza delivery services have made it so you can spend up to a year without ever leaving your house.

There are however many valid cases where people find themselves staying indoors for long stretches of time, either by choice or circumstance.

These include the nature of your work, prolonged injury, taking care of a sick relative, or simply nursing a broken heart. Whatever the driving force behind your urban hibernation, it is good to make sure the conditions in your home are conducive for healthy living.

Keep the home clean to avoid the culture and manifestation of diseases in your living space. Eat a lot of fresh food, exercise, and above all, if you cannot go out for fresh air, make sure a lot of it is getting into the home.

The constant circulation of fresh air in your living and work space does more for your health that you could ever imagine.

Useful tips about cleaning your home ac ducts

It is easy to overlook cleaning your AC ducts, or to simply forget. The truth is it’s easier to pass the vacuum cleaner over the rugs and imagine the house is clean. Dirty ac ducts keep a constant flow of dirt coming into the house, so cleaning them will reduce your daily chores. Home ac duct cleaning is easy if you do it regularly.

The real problem is when you let dirt and particles accumulate for a long time. Using the right tool for the job makes a big difference in how much time and how little fun you will have carrying out the task.

There is a wide range of cleaning equipment for ac ducts, and a wet rug is not one of them. In fact the best thing you could do is to call in a trained ac duct cleaner once in a while.

Make sure you cover the furniture with plastic covers or fabric sheets. Depending on the cleaning method, a lot of dust could get blown into the living space while cleaning your ac ducts. If the dust falls directly on your furniture, it will be a lot harder to get it out of the house.

Conversely, sheet coverings can easily be washed out. Most modern homes depend on their air ducts and vents to deliver clean air and extract stale air from the house. This is especially true in extreme weather conditions such as during the deep freeze of winter and crazy summer heat waves.

In modern homes the windows are mainly there for the view, not for ventilation. Since the air ducts are the channels through which our homes breathe, we need to keep them spotless.

For more information on how Spotless Ducts can help you to maintain clean and healthy air in your home or commercial space, just reach out to us today as we’d be happy to help you.

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