The thought of your home being on fire is terrifying to anyone. Everything reduced to ashes in a matter of minutes thanks to a force that brought so much to mankind but can also be destructive.

It is even scarier when children and pets are in the picture. It is therefore important that you take all the steps necessary to make your house safer from both wildfires and those that start from inside the house.

There are a few things you can do to fireproof your house, including:

Creating a barrier

One of the ways you can protect your home from external fires is to turn the outside of your house into a buffer zone. A good border should be about 100 feet.

To do this, start by clearing debris from around your house and all external structures such as sheds. You can also construct your driveways out of fire resistant material like gravel and concrete.

Finally, fire-resistant plants are also a good idea. Some common ones include the California lilac, ornamental strawberry and California Fuchsia.

Using fire resistant material

Many older homes were made of wood, a practice which is slowly being replaced with more fire resistant material. Some of the newer homes, and indeed those undergoing a remodel, use concrete panels that are lined with foam in the middle.

Fire resistant material for roofing includes tile and metal. Those with older wooden roofs can have the shingles coated with fire-resistant treatment.

Declutter your home

Fire spreads faster in a cluttered environment since most things will act as fuel. Donating stuff that you have not used in some time is a good place to start.

Get rid of candles, since they can be fire hazards when near fabrics. Dryer lint should also be removed after every laundry. This is a surprisingly common cause of house fires. While at it, clean out your air ducts as well.

Check your electrical outlets and electronics

Another leading cause of house fires is faulty electrical equipment and the mismanagement of outlets. A good indicator that your electrical situation may be unsafe is a constantly blown fuse or your breaker being tripped regularly.

If this is the case, you should check your outlets to make sure none are overloaded and probably call an electrician. Inspect your appliances regularly. If they smell funny, shoot sparks or make weird noises, they could be fire hazards.

Check your roof and gutters

Roofs and gutters should be free of things that can accelerate a fire. These could include plastic toys and leaves. You should also make sure that the overhead wires are not in danger of touching tree branches.

Just to be safe, however, it is a good idea to have safety measures in place. Install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your house. You should also make sure your house is accessible to fire department trucks.

Fire-proofing your home is essential. Create a barrier around your house, use fire-proof construction materials, declutter your space, and inspect your roofing, gutters, and electricals for fire hazards. This will keep your home safe.

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