It is important to maintain good air quality in your home. People spend the bulk of their downtime at home. Days off, holidays and sleeping everyday is best enjoyed in the comfort of our own homes, where we are free to be ourselves.

Experts say one of the major contributing factors to the efficiency of your rest and relaxation time is the quality of air in that environment.

Good air flow and quality allow your body to refresh and rejuvenate at the cellular level where red blood cells are re-energized. The easiest way to ensure that your house is full of high-quality fresh air is to keep your air ducts clean.

Maintain clean air ducts

Regular ac duct cleaning is the best thing you can do to improve the quality of air in your home. It is clear that most of the air that flows into your house comes through the ac ducts, thus it is the first area to look into when freshening up your home.

Allergens and all sorts of germs and bacteria thrive in dirty air ducts, especially if there are some damp areas. The combination of darkness and moisture in the ducts could encourage the growth of mould and seriously deteriorate the quality of air in your home, making it hazardous to your health.

It is expensive to call in the professionals every couple of weeks to clean out the ducts, but there are a few things you can do yourself to maintain good air quality. Here is how you can regularly clean your air ducts without calling in the professional cleaning company.

  • Once or twice a month, open up the registers, wash them, and dry them out. Be sure not to drop any of your tools into the vent.
  • If you have an electric drill, preferably cordless, attach a vent brush to it and give it a spin in the air duct. This will act as an air whip or a rotary brush, agitating the dirt stuck to the walls. Be careful to secure it tightly because if it drops it will be difficult to retrieve.
  • Direct the hose of your vacuum machine into the vent to suck out the dirt and debris you dislodged.
  • Once the vacuum has done its job, take a damp rag and reach into the ac duct, wiping down any dust that the vacuum cleaner missed. Rinse the cloth and repeat this step until you are confident that you wiped out all the dust you can reach.
  • Check to see if any of the ac filters need to be replaced before finishing the job and screwing the registers back into place. It is common that you may need to replace the filters so make sure to buy some from your local store before starting the job.

Ultimately, you can control the quality of air in your house in many ways including using air fresheners and dehumidifiers, but without clean air ducts it will be an uphill struggle.

We cover more tips for improving your air quality in part 2 of this post

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