There is an ongoing debate on whether or not it is valuable or necessary to clean your HVAC ducts regularly. Most people have never cleaned out their systems and some only remember doing it after a home renovation.

However, a select few have had their entire home air duct network cleaned out by professional companies, and seem to be happy with the results.

With rising cases of allergic reactions and respiratory infections, more and more people are signing up to have their ac ducts cleaned. With every wave or fad, the real winners are those who are best informed.

Does ac duct cleaning work?

Air ducts are the respiratory systems of modern buildings. These buildings are so well insulated against outside weather conditions that the indoor environment is completely protected from the outside air.

Any that gets is into the building goes through the HVAC system before reaching any room. Unlike living organisms, buildings are not all equipped with self-cleaning mechanisms and basically depend on the humans using them to keep them clean.

Any system that can filter the air we use accumulates dirt, so it will definitely need to be cleaned out once in a while.

Air ducts work by sucking out used air loaded with dust particles, organic matter, microorganisms and sometimes moisture out of room, then introducing clean fresh air into the room.

The air that comes in is often passed through a heater in winter or a cooler in summer, as well as a set of filters before it gets to the residents in the room.

Piles of dirt

Anyone who has seen an air duct cleaning operation – either directly or on video – can attest that a lot of dirt piles up in the system. In some cases, mould and rodents find their way inside the ducts.

The air quality in some homes is not livable because their air ducts are clogged up with so much dirt and mould that the rooms are stuffy and smell bad.

Children can develop asthma and bronchial ailments because of construction residue in the air ducts, especially after some renovation work has been done in the home.

The challenge many air duct cleaning companies are facing is caused by scam artists looking to make money from unsuspecting home owners.

They prey on ignorance and fear to make you pay for unnecessary duct cleaning and sometimes leave your ducts worse than they found them. They agitate dirt that has settled over years and leave it to flow back into the rooms, much to the misfortune of unsuspecting residents.

Not every home needs duct cleaning services, but some need it urgently. As a homeowner, read up on the standard practices of air duct cleaning, as well as signs to know whether you need the service.

Ideally, you should do this before hiring a company for the job. It’s also important to take your time and find the right duct servicing company to avoid getting conned.

Also, be sure to know what things you need to consider before picking up the phone and scheduling a service appointment for your AC.

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