The main purpose of an air conditioning system is to improve the quality of air in a room. We often think they only cool or heat the room but they also regulate air flow, introduce cool breezes in closed spaces, and eliminate dust and other particles from the air.

While regulating air conditions in your home, the ac systems collect a lot of dirt and is not always successful in pushing it all to the outside world.

Dust comes from keeping windows open all day, dead skin cells and hair from all the people living with you, not to mention fur and other organic matter released into the air by your pets or pests. They all find their way into your ac ducts.

AC Duct Care

Like any other machinery, air conditioners need some TLC. The best maintenance you can give your ac system is to keep it clean. A regular cleaning program will extend the life of your ac system and keep your air fresher for longer.

One of the most basic ways to keep your ac in optimal working conditions is to clean out ducts and filters regularly. In order to do a good job, it is important to find the right ac duct cleaning equipment and trained personnel to carry out the task.

There are several companies that make and use ac cleaning equipment, but the gear can generally be classified into two categories:

Rotary Brush Systems or Push/Pull Vacuum systems.

Rotary Brush System

This equipment consists of a vacuum unit and a rotary brush that perform the function of dislodging dust and other particles accumulated in your air duct and sucking it out using negative air pressure generated in the vacuum unit.

The brush is normally connected to the vacuum unit using a flexible pipe. It allows the brush to move easily through twists and turns in the ac system vents.

The rotary brush is highly recommended for cleaning ducts that have been neglected for a long time. Such ducts may have tough layers of dirt and dried debris on the walls of your air vents.

This solution often has hand-held equipment that can be carried or wheeled from one room to another, making it suitable for residential and small office applications.

Push/Pull Vacuum Systems

The push/pull vacuum system is usually mounted on trucks and consists of high powered vacuum pumps. They can produce up to ten times more negative air pressure than rotary brush systems.

This type of system is able to dislodge large debris and dead rodents due to its high pressure. It is also able to manoeuvre sharp turns and pass through dampers because it has a narrow air hose.

The push/pull solution is best for industrial and heavy-duty use, where the rotary brush is too small to cover the surface area of air ducts. The functioning of any air conditioning system is highly dependent on cleanliness.

A dirty system, no matter how robust, cannot operate at optimal levels and will break down before its time.

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