Although many people would like to keep their homes spotless, it is not an easy task. Occupational and social responsibilities often swallow our time, making us too busy to realize how dirty our homes have become. Even those home owners who manage to clean the house every week and dust all the furniture and dishes often miss one vital spot – the air ducts. On the other hand we have those super moms who go all out with chores and would do the central ac duct cleaning every week if they had the chance. Nevertheless, it would be good to know when you actually need to clean out your air ducts so that you can stop relying on guess-work. There are many indicators that your ac ducts are dirty, a few of which are highlighted here.

  1. Dust Build Up

One of the benefits of having a good HVAC system is that it can extract dirty air from the house and push it outside. When the air ducts are dirty, the system doesn’t work efficiently and leaves a considerable amount of dust in the air of your home. It also becomes a source of dust in the house by releasing the dirt accumulated in it over time. This build up of dust particles is most visible on or near air vent covers, furniture, floors, and walls.

  1. Increased energy bills

Modern homes come with inbuilt innovative climate control systems, to combat the challenges imposed by extreme weather conditions outside. Winter storms and heat waves have forced us to invest more in making the indoor environment conducive for living. Most of these sophisticated HVAC systems supply warm or cool air to our rooms through air ducts. When the air ducts are dirty, more energy is needed to heat or cool rooms, because the air flow is restricted by obstacles.

  1. Increased allergic reactions and sniffles

It is very common for foreign particles and organisms to build up in dirty ac ducts where lint, fur and other contaminants settle. As a result, air delivered into the home via those air ducts is often laced with allergens. When you start to notice more frequent allergic reactions and flu symptoms among your family members, it could be time to check your ac ducts; especially if the symptoms increase when the ac is switched on, or if you sit or sleep next to a main air vent.

  1. Inconsistent Temps

When the AC ducts are dirty or the HVAC system is faulty, it will not be able to keep the rooms at a stable temperature. You will notice that the temperature in the house changes from one spot to another, even within the same room. If this happens, you should consider cleaning out your ducts.

It is not very difficult to know that your ducts need cleaning once you know what to look for. One bonus tip is to simply consider how long it has been since the last time you cleaned your ac ducts, to determine if they need cleaning.